Facebook seeks to be unbiased propaganda platform

Facebook seeks to be unbiased propaganda platform

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After allegations of bias and censorship by Facebook towards conservative viewpoints and groups, a survey done by YouGov indicates those who identify as Republican have dramatically cut their interest in Facebook (See The chart that shows why Mark Zuckerberg is hosting Glenn Beck and fellow conservatives at Facebook today – Recode)

YouGov is an online – non-scientific – polling web site.
Facebook is a media company like any other and its business is selling eyeballs to advertisers. Unlike, say, broadcasters, Facebook has the unique ability to know a lot about each user of Facebook based upon:

  • What groups you belong to
  • What posts you like (including automated analysis of the content) and share
  • What products you may
  • Your political affiliation (often determined by FB’s algorithms for analyzing your interests and posts)
  • Your age and gender

Facebook’s advertising system attempts to match content and advertising with what Facebook believes you are interested in, and then delivers an optimized propaganda message.
Advertising is propaganda designed to influence a group of people to take action – usually to buy a product or service, or vote for someone.
Facebook takes propaganda to an extreme level, able to target individualized emotional hot buttons likely to engage the user to take action. Facebook learns more about you from what items you click – and can use that to further deepen their targeting of you.

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