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Advertisers pulling ads or thinking about pulling ads off of Facebook

Source: Mozilla pulled its Facebook ads and others may follow
Update: The British group, ISBA, represents over 3000 brands, including those from Unilever and Proctor and Gamble. ISBA members are considering abandoning Facebook advertising over Facebook’s lack of data privacy.
FYI Mozilla Firefox provides a way to surf the net without Google logging every web site visit. Plus, by adding plug ins such as Ghostery, Cookie AutoDelete, Privacy Badger and AdBlock Plus, you can greatly reduce the data that is being collected from your web browser. This post is made using Firefox.

CNBC editorial labels Facebook "dangerous"

  • The Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal makes it clear that we must regulate social media platforms.
  • We can regulate Facebook and other social media without impinging on the First Amendment.
  • We can use the banking industry as road map for regulating Facebook.

Source: Facebook must be regulated without ‘endangering the First Amendment’

Watch Mark Zuckerberg lie in the 2009 BBC TV Interview

Watch the short clip here.
He says Facebook will never sell your user information. “No, of course not,” he answers. “They [users] want to share it with, um, with only a few people.”
The BBC interview reiterates the questions and Zuckerberg again lies with a straight face.
You are not going to restore trust in Facebook when the CEO is a liar.

Until 2015, Facebook allowed app developers to access your private messages

The social media giant sells not only demographic data, but also information about how you behave

Source: Facebook: Your personal info for sale – CBS News
As I have previously noted, this article confirms: When you download your FB data, it does NOT include the advertising “purchase behaviors” that advertisers get to see, which includes things you buy outside of Facebook, your derived “interests” and so on. Think about that for ten seconds. The FB app also tracks your location at all times.
Until FB is open and transparent about your personal information, Facebook can not be trusted.
I deleted their app last year – it seemed to be both a power hog and a memory hog. At this time, I will never install the FB apps on an Android device again and I recommend you delete it immediately. It is a specialized spying tool to collect data about you.
Facebook has been and continues to be evil in what they are doing. The only way they have a chance of restoring trust is to (a) replace Zuckerberg with new leadership, (b) be completely open and transparent about what they are doing, and (c) give users actual control of their personal data. Remember, users cannot realistically even delete posts, likes, comments, messages or photos since Facebook intentionally does not provide a bulk edit/delete feature. Until Facebook addresses these issues, Facebook is history for us.