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Report: Portland Public Schools gave media flawed data on lead

The former top spokesman for Portland Public Schools knowingly gave a journalist flawed information on the district’s water testing, according to a local law firm’s investigation into the district’s lead crisis.

Source: Report: Portland Public Schools gave media flawed data on lead

The former spokesman now works for Uber.

Today, the Superintendent resigned effective immediately. The School district knew they had lead in the school’s drinking water, hid the information from parents and largely ignored it, even lied about it.

The issue here is that “public relations” staff have repeatedly destroyed their reputation and role (as often noted on this blog). As a field, PR staff may be assumed to be paid professional liars working hard to manipulate their targets.

Simple messages are more successful

11888078_1199937736733020_1490268399785666390_nTL;DR Summary

  • This Right Wing News poster is one of the few effective posters they distribute (right wing social media propaganda is way behind left wing social media propaganda).
  • Using the methods of Assertion and Linkage, this poster delivers a simple, easy to understand message. The significantly altered photo of Hillary Clinton likely engages an emotional response as well.

The 1956 Republican Platform



TL; DR Summary

  • This poster comes from a left wing web site “GOP-The Party of Mean” and uses the technique of quoting one’s opposition to score points.
  • This approach can be effective, even when, as Snopes points out, this stretches the truth. The poster uses words from 1956 in a clever way to imply support for 2015-2016 issues that are really quite different.
  • The poster is also “busy” – too much for a reader to process and draw a conclusion in seconds.

Click the link to see how many of the points in the poster, while sounding similar to issues in 2015-2016, are in fact, referring to something very different. How many viewers of this poster do you think will recognize that the poster’s bullet list refers to something rather different?

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