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Using humor to encourage “sharing” a poster

11873384_10153354139392013_9037567141360751581_nTL; DR Summary

  • Excellent use of humor
  • Simple message, quickly processed by the viewer
  • Humor is a polite propaganda way of getting an emotional response to encourage the viewer to Share and Like.
  • This is also a “glittering generality” as the message is meaningless to the real world.

Iraqi girl in orphanage drew photo of her mom and fell asleep

girlonsidewalkTL;DR Summary

Actual photo: Taken by an Iranian photographer, of her cousin, who had fallen a sleep while drawing chalk figures outside.

The photo was stolen from the photographer’s Flickr post and the text description is false.  More of the photographer’s work may be seen here including similar style photos with the same young girl (some really great photos too!). For some reason, the propaganda poster did not use the similar photo where she is curled up inside a drawing of an elephant.

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Same country, different data – the ease of creating propaganda posters

DenmarkTL; DR Summary

  • All true.
  • Illustrates the ease of creating propaganda posters.
  • Share if you agree!

As I continue to cross-check the very popular (on social media) Denmark propaganda posters, I created one of my own!



Points that did not fit on this poster:

  • Denmark has the highest taxes in the world
  • Denmark has the highest personal debts in the world with household debt equal to 321% of disposable income.
  • Banks pay negative interest rates – meaning that savers pay the bank to hold their money
  • One of the easiest countries in which to fire workers!

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