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Fake news is a profitable industry

TL;DR Summary

  • Fake news is a profitable industry. More on that in a previous post.
  • Fakes news that goes viral, generates lots of ad views; and it is not just The Onion.
  • Social media sharing makes this possible. And makes propaganda sharing even easier.

Fake news is, incidentally, a relatively new addition to the media landscape. The Internet’s always teemed with rumors and scams, of course. But the fake news industry — a crop of Web sites dedicated solely to passing off fact as fiction, for the resulting ad revenue — has only exploded within the past two years. National Report was registered in February 2013, and is now so successful that it’s planning an empire of five more fake-news sites.

Source: This is not an interview with Banksy – The Washington Post

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Is this why Denmark has free college education?

11745935_1665704370329445_941328983120687525_nTL;DR  Summary

  • Denmark has free tuition because …
    • College grads earn only slightly more than high school grads (2015 data says just 11% more), reducing incentives to go to college.
    • A shrinking youth population
    • Fewer Danish adults have a college degree compared to the U.S.
    • Denmark has economic reasons to pay students to attend college.

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Social media propaganda posters use “new math”!

OccupyDemo99PercVotedTL; DR Summary

For the math challenged:

  • 99% of 1% is about 1% of all voters
  • 57% of 99% is about 57% of all voters
  • Therefore, the 1% always win the elections – say what?
  • Their own poster shows that 57% of voters took part, not 1% and there is no indication that 99% of the electorate is not voting. Geesh.
  • This poster is nonsense.
  • But you can be sure it was shared tens of thousands of times online. Because people anchor on the 99% figure in the first sentence and then falsely compare that to the 57% figure. Please! Think!
  • Occupy Democrats is a professional propaganda business – they know precisely what they are doing and deliberately employed the psychological “anchoring” concept to design this poster.

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Heidi Cruz scares the Hell out of All Americans … says Trump Supporter


  • The details on the poster are somewhat true.
  • The person who created this is the  unbiased[not] publisher of Trump Magazine.
  • Uses fear, assertions, transference, and a fierce, evil looking photo to make its point.
  • But this propaganda poster has way too much detail. Few people will read all the text. If reading takes more than 5 seconds to rouse your System 1 thinking, the poster’s message is probably dead-on-arrival.

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