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Facebook to end their ad discrimination practices, sort of-they still support age discrimination in job ads

Facebook will be legally required to end its practice of allowing businesses to block certain groups like blacks, gays and immigrants from viewing ads under an agreement reached with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. Source: Facebook makes deal with Washington AG to halt discriminatory ads | The Columbian The agreement DOES NOT address the use of FB to target job ads based on age, thereby legally discriminating against older workers by ensuring older workers never see job ads. Major…

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#Facebook admits they support age and gender discrimination in advertising

“Like other major ad platforms, we enable targeting based on age and gender” Because, you know, everyone discriminates based on age and gender so we do it too! They also have features to target ads based on race and ethnicity. Which also means they enable advertisers to discriminate by race and ethnicity for say, things like housing or jobs. Facebook mostly hems and haws and says its a hard problem to solve. Facebook can not prohibit racial, ethnic and gender…

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#Facebook will disable their features for ads that discriminate based on age, sex, ethnicity and 5,000 other factors

Facebook’s ad system was intentionally designed for advertisers to discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, language spoken and so on. They defended it because, you know, everyone does it.

But lawsuits and a Federal investigation have changed their thinking and they will disable their networks age, sex, gender, sex orientation, ethnic, national origin, and so on, discrimination features.

The Facebook advertising company continues to discriminate against workers based on their age and gender

“Right now as we speak, Facebook is literally sending job ads that exclude people on the basis of their age,” he said. “It’s laudable that the AG has gotten Facebook to agree to some basic first steps, but this agreement really doesn’t do much more than what FB has agreed to do voluntarily.” The agreement also enables Facebook to continue doing ad discrimination on the basis of gender. Source: Facebook is now legally bound to stop advertisers from excluding people…

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#Facebook sued for using its ad platform to foster discrimination

NEW YORK (AP) — Fair housing advocates have sued Facebook, saying it lets landlords and real estate brokers target advertising to discriminate against families with children, women and others. Source: Fair housing advocates sue Facebook, alleging discrimination Facebook said during the past year and half that it would put a stop to this type of discrimination but housing advocates say they have proof that it did not do so. Employers have been using the same Facebook features to discriminate on…

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#Facebook is a friction-less platform for illegal discrimination #DeleteFacebook

Facebook’s ad platform enables discrimination based on age, sex, and race. That means, Facebook enables advertisers to display ads only to say, whites, or only to young job applicants or only display nursing jobs to women. It is a sneaky way for firms to discriminate against groups of people – generally without any risk of being caught because the target selector is secret. Thus minorities never see housing ads targeted at whites and will never know that Facebook is a…

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U.S. firms use social media age-based ad targeting to discriminate against older workers

Major U.S. employers use social media’s ability to display job ads only to those in certain age groups, such as between age 25 to 36, or below age 38 or below age 50. They are using this feature to advertise job openings only to younger workers, thereby removing older workers from their candidate pool. Examples: Verizon targeted showed ads only to those age 25 to 36 years old UPS targeted age 19 to 35 State Farm targeted age 19 to…

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The Instagram Algorithm in 2019

When you post photos on Instagram, you probably think your followers see your photos and hopefully click Like. But that is not how Instagram works – at all.

Instagram uses an algorithm to determine when your photos are shown, and to whom. Similarly, the algorithm selects what photos you see from your friends.

When you make an initial post, IG “market tests” your post to a subset of your followers. If they interact with the photo, then IG will show it to more people. If interaction is minimal, then your post’s visibility will be drastically cut to the point it is no longer being seen.

Combined with aspects of the secret IG algorithm, your posts may no longer appear on hashtag searches either, rendering your account invisible.

Once the IG algorithm has flagged your account as being, effectively, “low engagement/boring”, the visibility of your posts and your account itself may largely vanish from view.