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Clinton did not admit to taking a bribe from Bush to fund Iraq War

BushClintonIraqTL;DR Summary

  • Hillary Clinton is accused of admitting to taking a political bribe from President Bush.
  • It’s framed as a question to raise suspicion, without having to be true.
  • Snopes says the claim is FALSE.
  • This was shared into my FB and Twitter feeds today.
  • This works as propaganda merely because it fits the narrative the target wants to believe is true, so it is quickly Liked and Shared. It successfully raises doubts about Clinton and transfers dislike for Bush on to Clinton, even though Snopes shows the claim is not true.

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A lie told online travels the world in milliseconds – is Cruz a Koch puppet?

10475506_666670603425997_1065796556594116068_nTL;DR Summary

  • Sen. Ted Cruz was bribed by the Koch brothers and is their puppet in the Senate.
  • Politifact rates this a “pants on fire” lie.
  • Relies on a false assertion to link the target’s presumed dislike of the Koch brothers as a reason to dislike Ted Cruz. In other words, the propaganda method of “transference”.
  • At the time I collected this item, it had been shared over 94,000 times on Facebook.

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Rubio outsources campaign ad to Canada

Just as Trump ran an ad featuring Nazi soldiers, Rubio has now run a TV ad shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is, surprisingly to some, outside the United States:

Actually, it’s “morning again” in the Vancouver harbor.

Source: Marco Rubio’s ‘Morning Again in America’ ad opens with a Canadian skyline – The Washington Post

Ted Cruz of course, was until recently, both a Canadian and U.S. citizen. The ad might have been more appropriate for Cruz.

Rubio seems to be linking the “It’s morning in America” ad of Ronald Reagan to himself, probably to transfer Republican approval of Reagan to approval of Rubio. Then again, Rubio is a big advocate of importing foreign labor to the U.S. since Americans won’t do jobs like photography and video production. Or something.

Fake celebrity endorsement and appeal to authority – Dalai Lama did not say this

1656108_10152190715656030_1055730174_nTL;DR Summary

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