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Public Relations Failure: British Airways and the silly high visibility vest

The CEO of British Airways, standing in their operations center, apologizes for their terrible service and lack of contingency/disaster planning:

As you may know, it is essential that one wears a high visibility safety vest when standing in a computer operations center! Or maybe not.

Seriously, the reason for this odd clothing choice is that his public relations staff said it would help him look like he was “hands on” in the midst of the crisis.

You might remember when President Bush showed up after Hurricane Katrina wearing a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up – because staff thought having rolled up sleeves made it look like he was there and working on the problem.

Everything around us is stage managed fakery designed to influence our thinking process. At least a few people on social media noticed the absurdity of a high visibility vest in a computer operations center. His second video ditched the vest.

When PR staff think this nonsense is a priority in the midst of a systemic collapse of the company’s systems – you’ve gotta wonder about the clueless people working in PR.



Face palm: PRWeek names United CEO “Communicator of the Year”


Our Communicator of the Year, United Airlines’ CEO Oscar Munoz, said it best when he came on stage to receive his honor. He commented that the turnaround he has led at the beleaguered airline was not just something that needed to be communicated – it was all about communications.

It’s telling when a major CEO from a $36 billion global company recognizes the value of communications, not as a promotional tool or part of a strategy, rather as a fundamental strut through which the business is built.

As I wrote last week, Munoz’s humble and empathetic approach has bypassed the choppy headwinds surrounding the airline and set United on a positive path for the future, with an engaged workforce checked in and on board.

No longer is PR begging for crumbs from the table, it is playing a full and active role at the head of it.

Source: PRWeek

This confirms everything we already thought about the public relations profession. In one swoop, PRWeek makes fun of the entire public relations industry and highlights the buffoonery of their silly awards.

And in the last sentence makes clear what happens when PR goons run the company.