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No, next question? "Is your data safe on Facebook? Not really"

On Facebook, you are the product. Advertisers are the customer.

Source: Is your data safe on Facebook? Not really – Mar. 19, 2018
Is Facebook turning over our private data to advertisers? Yes, probably.
What happens to it when it gets in their hands? Who sees it? Who interprets it? Who uses it? Who destroys it – if ever? How is it erased securely (if erased at all)?

Zuck might notice: Advertisers may quit Facebook unless FB changes


But if we [advertisers] betray the trust the public places in our industry and don’t treat the public with respect then we don’t deserve the right to use the public’s data.”

Advertisers fear labels ‘like “computational propaganda” and “weaponized data“‘ are defining social media-based advertising.
Well, those are, in fact, accurate descriptions.

The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook spying story was first published 28 MONTHS AGO


How Cambridge Analytica used your Facebook data to help the Donald Trump campaign in the 2016 election.

Source: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down – Motherboard
Good God. The U.S. media is so full itself that it missed this story in broad daylight since January 2017.  Quite frankly, U.S. media has rendered itself utterly useless.
Guess I need to be reading Motherboard. They had the story more than a year ago.

Researchers believed they could discern everything about you from your Likes and Friends lists

Preneel’s paper highlighted how apps could siphon off identities and information including location, groups, interests, “likes,” photos and videos, relationship details, religion, and even politics from people who never opted in the certain apps, but were friends of others who had.

Source: Researchers say it was easy to take people’s data from Facebook
What they did not tell you is that these claims may be fraudulent.
I just downloaded my Twitter “data” about me. It’s an 85 page long PDF file. Twitter’s own discernment of my general interests is mostly correct – things like software, Microsoft, space news, photography and so on.
The items inferred by Twitter’s ad network partners are off in space. They believe I am a young adult aged 18-25, that I am aged 45-54 and that I am over the age of 65. They believe I am C-suite executive, and that I am retired and I like golf, football, baseball and NASCAR and attend professional sporting events (all false). They believe I am a single parent who is a soccer mom with 3 young children.
The data collected and discerned is garbage data. Total garbage.
Twitter’s dossier lists over 4,000 Twitter advertisers that have placed me in their “customer lists”. Almost all are companies for whom I have zero interest in their products or services.
Social media looks like a con game to scam advertisers out of dollars.