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Journalism: Newsweek had to recall 125,000 printed copies of its pre-written news “Madam President Special Commemorative Edition” in 2016

In 2016, Newsweek recalled 125,000 copies of this cover, which had been distributed nationwide. You can find copies today on Amazon or EBay. Newsweek blamed a subcontractor saying they had printed two separate editions in order to be prepared but their vendor shipped the wrong one. Newsweek has a history of publishing creative pre-written news stories rather than reporting on events after they have occurred.

Journalism: Newsweek reporter admits making up story, but keeps her job

Newsweek reporter caught having manufactured a fictional news report, then calls it an “honest mistake” and keeps her job. Newsweek has a history of publishing fiction stories masquerading as actual news. This is not how to inspire confidence in the news media. (Update: Newsweek confirmed the report about what Trump did on Thanksgiving was written during the week prior to Thanksgiving. The reporter has been fired and the editor has been demoted.)

Newsweek admits to fraud

The embattled publisher of Newsweek and the International Business Times on Tuesday admitted that three of its websites were running malicious code that experts say is used to commit ad fraud. Source: Newsweek Media Group Websites Ran Malicious Code That Experts Say Is Used To Commit Ad Fraud Newsweek publications have been nearly indistinguishable from for profit fake news web publications. The company earlier fired senior editors and staff for working on an investigative news report about an earlier raid…

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Newsweek under investigation for financial and advertising fraud

Senior executives have resigned or been fired and dozens of staff and reporters have quit. Source: Newsweek in Turmoil: Probe Into Finances and Ties to Bible College Widens – WSJ Newsweek has a history of publishing fake news; in fact, reporters imply they adopted the click-bait model of fake news reporters. There is a relationship between fake news and social media propaganda. One creates fake content for sharing and liking, and the other enables fake stories to propagate like a…

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Newsweek fires all top staff

  Newsweek on Monday fired all of its top staff amid turmoil that has upended the newsroom .In a company meeting, several editors announced that the outlet had fired Editor in Chief Bob Roe, Executive Editor Ken Li and reporters Celeste Katz, Josh Saul, and International Business Times editor Josh Keefe. Source: Newsweek Guts Its Top Edit Staff Amid Legal Turmoil Newsweek has a reputation as fake news publisher. We use the definition of fake news as the use of…

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Google, like Newsweek, buys its users

Traffic acquisition costs are payments made to third parties to direct web traffic to Google web services. Traffic acquisition costs, known as TAC, were $6.45 billion, up from $4.85 billion a year ago. The growing fees Google pays to third party search partners such as phone makers and Web browsers is an increasing concern for Google’s advertising business. Searches on mobile and YouTube require Google to pay out higher fees. Source: | Google parent Alphabet reports earnings miss, shares…

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Newsweek's fictional news report about the Montana earthquake

Natural Disaster: 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Montana, Raising Supervolcano Concerns By Ryan Bort On 7/6/17 at 11:03 AM Yellowstone National Park, which covers parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, lies on top of a supervolcano that could effectively wipe out the United States if it were to explode. The last time it did, 640,000 years ago, it expelled 240 cubic miles (think about that) of rocky debris into the sky. Early Thursday morning, residents of southern Montana feared the worst…

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