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Until 2015, Facebook allowed app developers to access your private messages

The social media giant sells not only demographic data, but also information about how you behave

Source: Facebook: Your personal info for sale – CBS News
As I have previously noted, this article confirms: When you download your FB data, it does NOT include the advertising “purchase behaviors” that advertisers get to see, which includes things you buy outside of Facebook, your derived “interests” and so on. Think about that for ten seconds. The FB app also tracks your location at all times.
Until FB is open and transparent about your personal information, Facebook can not be trusted.
I deleted their app last year – it seemed to be both a power hog and a memory hog. At this time, I will never install the FB apps on an Android device again and I recommend you delete it immediately. It is a specialized spying tool to collect data about you.
Facebook has been and continues to be evil in what they are doing. The only way they have a chance of restoring trust is to (a) replace Zuckerberg with new leadership, (b) be completely open and transparent about what they are doing, and (c) give users actual control of their personal data. Remember, users cannot realistically even delete posts, likes, comments, messages or photos since Facebook intentionally does not provide a bulk edit/delete feature. Until Facebook addresses these issues, Facebook is history for us.

Bingo: "If Facebook wants to protect user data, it needs to disclose what it has and let people opt out"

The company says it’s ‘outraged’ over Cambridge Analytica’s actions, but it doesn’t want to stop selling access to your information

In fact, all Zuckerberg said was “sorry”, made “mistakes”, and we take it “seriously”. Not a single action item indicates he has a clue. Indeed, FB is spending $1 million to fight a California initiative that would require European like data transparency from tech companies.
Source: If Facebook wants to protect user data, it needs to disclose what it has and let people opt out

Getting close to deleting Facebook #Facebook

Are you angry yet?

“At Cambridge,” he said, “we were able to form a model to predict the personality of every single adult in the United States of America.” … Ad targeting is personalized advertising, aligned as accurately as possible to the personality of an individual consumer.
Cambridge Analytica buys personal data from a range of different sources, like land registries, automotive data, shopping data, bonus cards, club memberships, what magazines you read, what churches you attend.

Source: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down – Motherboard
The sole purpose of Cambridge Analytica and hundreds of other firms is mind control.
The sole purpose of Facebook is spying and dissemination of propaganda. See how our online data is combined (what I have been saying for some time) with offline data collected by others and the detailed location history provided by our pocketable tracking systems (smart phones). This level of surveillance of entire populations is unprecedented.
At this point in time, their ability to control us is over rated. Several people in the know now say that pscyhographic profiling does not work very well. But this will improve over time.
The leads to Facebook being one of the most dangerous organizations in history, with the means to have spied, in detail, on one third of the world’s population (so far) – and then provide the platform for propagandizing everyone to adopt someone’s agenda.
Zuckerberg has been and is being reckless. He has used numerous psychological tricks to get us to voluntarily give up our information (never, ever click Like – that is a trick and a trap) and then sells it or gives it away to others to be used to manipulate us. All the while, most people were unaware of how Zuckerberg and his team have been controlling us.

The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook spying story was first published 28 MONTHS AGO


How Cambridge Analytica used your Facebook data to help the Donald Trump campaign in the 2016 election.

Source: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down – Motherboard
Good God. The U.S. media is so full itself that it missed this story in broad daylight since January 2017.  Quite frankly, U.S. media has rendered itself utterly useless.
Guess I need to be reading Motherboard. They had the story more than a year ago.