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Facebook, Google, Twitter are the private sector equivalents of the NSA – but much worse

  • Imagine a world where the government placed tracking devices on every person in the country,
  • Kept a data base record of every where you traveled and everywhere you have visited,
  • Recorded every web site visit you’ve ever made,
  • Recorded every online message you ever sent or received,
  • Built a photo recognition system that can identify your face from among millions of faces
  • Built a graph of every person you are connected to do and how well you are connected to each of those persons

If the NSA was doing the above, you’d be up in arms and marching the streets.
But instead, you are willing giving all of this data directly to a handful of mega corporations who hoard the data – forever – and use it and sell it for unknown purposes.
Now, imagine a world where the people being spied on actually paid for the tracking devices themselves (they are called smart phones), willingly used browsers like Chrome that do indeed log every web site you visit in the Google Cloud (yes, really), or Facebook which records and archives every Like, Share, Comment and personal message you have ever sent and received on their service, and does, in fact, use “tagging” of people in photos for the specific purpose of building a library of facial recognition data.
Imagine a world where the people being spied upon are also provided with highly optimized messages intended to sway their opinions on a variety of subjects, from products to political candidates and ideology.
Congratulations – you have just imagined Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and a host of online social media outlets.
And you now have the most incredible global mind control system in existence.
Why have we been doing this to ourselves?

Facebook is a massive spying operation to collect information for propaganda purposes

Revealed: Facebook is a massive spying operation that collects information for the specific purpose of propaganda messaging:

Christopher Wylie, who worked to help obtain the data, told Britain’s The Guardian that Cambridge’s entire operation was designed to “exploit” what they knew about people from their profiles and “target their inner demons.”Cambridge Analytica specializes in “psychographic” profiling that allows them to predict the voting likelihoods of individual people based on personality — and Facebook is a treasure trove for information like that.”We exploited Facebook to harvest millions of people’s profiles,” Wylie told the British news outlet. ”
And built models to exploit what we knew about them and target their inner demons. That was the basis that the entire company was built on.”

Source: Cambridge Analytica, firm that helped Trump’s campaign, used 50 million profiles harvested from Facebook – CBS News
The very definition of a propaganda operation. Facebook’s sole business is spying on you and using that to enable propaganda operations to control your mind. Even your innocuous use of “Likes” can be used to create a surprisingly detailed and accurate description of you.

Twitters users gamed the system to create artificial online memes

Twitter has become mostly useless, over run with bots and fake memes, as illustrated here:

Continuing its battle against the “tweetdeckers,” Twitter suspended on Friday several popular accounts known for stealing tweets or mass-retweeting tweets into manufactured virality.

Source: Twitter Just Suspended A Ton Of Accounts Known For Stealing Tweets
The system relied on a secret group of Twitter accounts with large followings to generate fake trends.

Teens and twentysomethings with large Twitter followings are making thousands each month by selling retweets, multiple users who engage in the practice told BuzzFeed News.
The practice is known as “tweetdecking,” so named because those involved form secret Tweetdeck groups, which they call “decks.” Scoring an invite to join a deck usually requires a follower count in the tens of thousands.
Within these decks, a highly organized system of mass-retweeting exists in order to launch deck members’ tweets — and paying customers’ tweets — into meticulously manufactured virality.

What a crazy world where an act of kindness goes "viral" and becomes news worthy

A young waitress who helped an elderly customer at a Houston-area Waffle House is being praised for her kind gesture.

Source: Photo of waitress helping elderly customer at Waffle House goes – KPTV – FOX 12
We should all strive each day to help and serve others, and to realize we are not the center of the universe. Thank you to Evoni Williams for being a kind person. We should all be that way!
In our social media-based “culture of perpetual outrage”, where everyone is propagandized to remain in a constant state of outrage and anger, kindness is seen as a novelty. This is backwards!