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Am guessing we never hear another word about "Russia hacked the election" after today

Cambridge Analytica:

  • The full scale of their pivotal work in Trump’s election win

  • How they avoid Congressional investigations into their foreign clients

  • Setting up proxy organisations to feed untraceable messages onto social media

  • Using a secret email system where messages self-destruct and leave no trace

  • Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the “Defeat Crooked Hilary” brand of attack ads

Source: Exposed: Undercover secrets of Trump’s data firm – Channel 4 News
Cambridge Analytica is claiming they threw the election for Trump, using potentially stolen personal data on 50 million Americans and social media propaganda.
I am thinking a very large number of Americans may want to consider deleting their Facebook accounts.

That's a lie: Facebook says you own and control all of your data

The reality is: Your data actually belongs to Facebook, and the company will enrich itself by doing with it whatever it pleases, as the scandal involving the Trump campaign shows.

And you do not have any control over what they have collected, including who they share it with and how it is used.
Source: Facebook says you ‘own’ all the data you post. Not even close, say privacy experts

Cambridge Analytica is a sophisticated, social media-based propaganda operation

Cambridge Analytica is a very sophisticated, social media-based, propaganda operation:

The plot thickened when I learned that a company called Cambridge Analytica secretly registered in 2013 to influence U.S. elections. They sent a psych student named Aleksandr Kogan to buy Kosinski’s and Stillwell’s information gathering techniques. But when Kogan was turned down, he moved to Singapore and changed his name to Dr. Spectre, while Cambridge Analytica copied the inventors’ highly efficient people search engine model and used it for sinister use.
Instead of blanket advertising, Cambridge Analytica individually and covertly targeted voters of a precise age, opinion, preference, and voting district with “dark post” newsfeed messages specifically designed to sway their votes, according to an article titled “The Secret Agenda of a Facebook Quiz,” which appeared in the New York Times. Its mother company, Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), was the foremost election management agency. They conducted “psyops,” psychological operations of mass propaganda aimed at people’s emotions, to “manage” elections and refine their operations in Nigeria, Nepal, the Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Source: The key to the kingdom: psychometrics – The Mountain Times

Fake web site and social media alleges new Spectre/Meltdown-like security holes in computer processors; but it is a hoax

The hoaxers largely copied the original Spectre and Meltdown web sites, changed a few things, and then put out a release that new security problems were found in computer processors, with details embargoed until patches were available.
Source: TaoSecurity: Lies and More Lies
The Internet, with the help of social media, is becoming so overrun with nonsense, hype and hoaxes that our ability to distinguish good information from bad is becoming challenged.