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Facebook requires that some users download, install and run a Facebook "anti" malware application

If you do not comply, Facebook will lock you out of your account:

Facebook is locking users out of their accounts until they download antivirus software that sometimes doesn’t even work on their computers.

Source: Facebook’s Mandatory Anti-Malware Scan Is Invasive and Lacks Transparency | WIRED
Recently, it was discovered that a virtual private network app for Android was actually owned by Facebook and per its terms of service, it spies on all traffic going through their VPN.
We have no way of knowing if the FB anti-malware application is, in fact, another piece of malware designed to spy on you. It may be time for us to stop using Facebook all together. Facebook has become a platform for reckless and dangerous online behavior, including by Facebook itself. It’s not the messages, it is the medium.

Facebook monitors network access of everyone, even those not having a FB account

Not content with monitoring the movements of its own users, the largest social network in the world is building secret files on the activities of billions of people.
Mark Zuckerburg’s company says that is uses this information to target adverts and content based on your preferences, as well as for security purposes.
Facebook account holders are able to download a copy of the file kept on them, which contains detailed records of their activities while logged in.

Source: Facebook keep creepy secret files on every internet user | Daily Mail Online
Facebook, an NSA buddy, collects all this data in order to better pitch propaganda a.k.a. advertising messages to you.

Told you: "Is It Time To Require Identity Verification For Everyone Using Social Media?"

Social media has become weaponized. And, while this weaponization poses serious threats to our country in the long term, the short term threat is to social media itself.
Some form of identity verification in social media would guarantee that every account is linked to a registered user. Call it a license or a permit or whatever. But each user must register with a real name, a real address, be issued an account number and perhaps a secret code. Not unlike the security surrounding credit cards today. Without it, you can’t open a Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or YouTube account.

Source: Is It Time To Require Identity Verification For Everyone Using Social Media?
This is a proposal from a mainstream media outlet for what I said was likely to happen.  This method will not work any better as there will be ways to steal people’s identities.
Further, this proposal enables 24 x 7 surveillance of your online activities, more thoroughly than those used by NSA-buddies Google and Facebook.
Update: Yep, Twitter is moving in this direction, will open “verified” accounts to all users.