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"Facebook and Zuckerberg still don't know the right thing to do – CNET"

Agree. Zuckerberg has shown zero leadership skills. He has shown littel understanding of the problem and how to fix it; instead, he’s acting like the puppet of his public relations team.

He tried to stick to the script given him by his PR and legal handlers, even making his first remarks almost identical to the statement he’d published earlier on Facebook.He tried to make his company out to be some sort of victim.

Source: Facebook and Zuckerberg still don’t know the right thing to do – CNET
I have decided for now to leave my FB account online but will no longer be posting anything on FB until such time as FB enables us to see the full dossier, including the attributes they have discerned about us, and provides an easy to use bulk erase/edit/change privacy feature.
Second, I have unfollowed most pages (truth is I rarely saw their content in my news feed because of Facebook’s filtering out posts I wanted to see), and eliminated more than half the groups I belonged to (same reason).
Third, I have selected the tightest privacy settings and deleted all of the Interest categories and advertiser lists shown in Settings and Privacy | Ads.
Fourth, any time I do spend on FB is now spent unliking old posts and deleting past comments and posts.
Fifth, FB was becoming unusable due to the preponderance of propaganda messaging and its uses to foster a culture of perpetual outrage. Numerous people who have left Facebook for good report a significant reduction in feelings of anxiety and a sharp increase in feelings of happiness.

CNBC editorial labels Facebook "dangerous"

  • The Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal makes it clear that we must regulate social media platforms.
  • We can regulate Facebook and other social media without impinging on the First Amendment.
  • We can use the banking industry as road map for regulating Facebook.

Source: Facebook must be regulated without ‘endangering the First Amendment’