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What do your social media posts say about you?

As a general rule, you can make lots of assumptions about people from their social media feed. If they’re always changing their profile pic, they’re obviously unstable. If they’re ranting about relationships, they’re high maintenance. Moaning about politics: too self-involved. Reposting old jokes/claiming nicked ones as their own: annoying/untrustworthy. Humble bragging: esteem issues, possibly insane.

Source: The man in the social media mirror: what’s the truth about my online persona?

As the author notes, all of these assumptions are stereotypes and our judgments of others, based on their posts, may be completely wrong. Yet we have no control over how others view our online posts, through their own “filter” of life experiences. The impact, of course, is that our social media posts may paint a picture of ourselves that is not how we see ourselves. But those posts leave a trail that others use to judge us, and judge us in ways that may be substantially wrong.

Many are taking notice of “angry, bitter” posts filling our social media

Starting with last year’s election and spilling over into these first weeks of President Trump’s presidency, the rioting and looting on social media continue. My Facebook feed is being fed by angry, bitter and sarcastic posts from both sides of the issues.

Source: Social Media 101 for Christians – Victoria Advocate – Victoria, TX


The best way to let your faith show and shine on social media is by sharing the good things God has done for you personally, by asking for and offering prayers for others, and by encouraging people with God’s gospel promises.

If you are not a religious person you can still share positive and inspiring stories about life, your family, your friends and more. Ask yourself, did my post on social media help make someone better as a result? Or did it just make them upset, angry or confused? Through our own actions, we can turn social media in to a positive force for good. We will feel better about ourselves by using social media so that we help others.

Why not start doing this right now?

How social media propaganda inflames our emotions

Social media:

“It’s the polarization of America based on fleeting statements without substance,” Flores said. Much of social media can be described as “fleeting statements without substance,” I say, prompting reactionary responses such as anger and frustration. It’s a digital world where silence can be perceived as consent, and opinions can be perceived as facts.

Source: Has social media rewired our political impressions? – Post-Tribune

That’s right – if you did not Like, then you obviously disagree!

Having recently cut back on social media interaction, I find myself freed from the highly emotional screaming and anger present on social media. I feel calmer as a result.