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Growing trend to shut off social media

The need to have more Likes and views than others – plus the perpetual outrage culture present on social media – is having impacts:

I wouldn’t say I was suffering from all of those dilemmas, but I knew many people who were. As fabulous as social media can be in terms of connecting people, it can also cause so much anxiety and unhealthy feelings….. Hit that delete button. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did, even if it’s only temporary.

Source: Why Deactivating Social Media Is The Best Thing You Can Do

False: President Roosevelt on why the minimum wage must be a living wage

CaptureTL;DR Summary

  • A true quote but taken out of context – the quote is  referring to something completely different than a modern day “minimum wage”.
  • As a propaganda message, this has  been widely shared, which makes for successful propaganda, even though the message is untrue.
  • Roosevelt did say this quote, but it was not about the minimum wage but about creating opportunities to become skilled, employable and have the ability to earn good wages. The speech was about the need to balance the interests of labor and capital. The speech was not about a minimum wage, which was not enacted until 28 years later.
  • The basic methods used are Assertion (that this is about a minimum wage), “Appeal to Authority” by citing President Teddy Roosevelt and a Logical fallacy of linking his comments  to today’s minimum wage.
  • The poster originated from Occupy Democrats.

Below is the full paragraph from the 1910 speech so you can see the original context. The speech is available online at  No where in the text is a minimum wage discussed. The context in which this was given was about creating opportunities and providing everyone with the education and skills to be able to earn a living. He proposes the need for regulations to ensure sanitary and safe working conditions. The reference to “workman’s compensation” refers to workers being compensated when injured on the job – not to normal wages or minimum wages. You can find discussion on the “workman’s compensation” issue and what Roosevelt meant at the Social Welfare History Project at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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President Obama Warns Social Media Is Becoming a Threat to Democracy

Spot on:

“…increasingly, we become so secure in our bubbles that we accept only information, whether true or not, that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinions on the evidence that’s out there.”

Source: President Obama Warns Social Media Is Becoming a Threat to Democracy | Vanity Fair

That would include subscribing to social media groups, such as on Facebook by Liking or Following their page or group, that focus on political advocacy and fake news, in order to receive daily propaganda updates. Not a healthy way to live!

The Fairness Doctrine never applied to cable TV

TL;DR Summary

  • A long time ago, there was a law known as the Fairness Doctrine that required over the air broadcast stations to give equal time to different perspectives, typically meaning left versus right on political topics.
  • This rule applied only to over the air broadcasters and never applied to cable television “broadcasters” who do not use the over the air spectrum.
  • This propaganda poster asserts that Fox News came about because Reagan vetoed a bill to re-instate the already ended Fairness Doctrine.
  • Fox News, however, is a cable network and was not subject to the Fairness Doctrine. Thus, the assertion made by this poster is false.

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