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German official labels social media a “value chain of digital propaganda”

“…one German official has proposed fining Facebook 500,000 euros ($528,700) for failing to delete fake news stories and hate messages within 24 hours, describing the social media giant as a “value chain of digital propaganda.” “

Source: Germany’s plan to fight fake news

That sounds like another way of saying that social media is a friction-less platform for the spread of propaganda.

However, a government run Ministry of Truth, as proposed by the German government, sounds like a bad idea.

It is unfortunate that media stories continue to focus on Russia rather than the broader issue of the social media platform being used by governments, for-profit lobbyists/online publishers, government agencies, non-profits, the media, and individuals and small businesses – for the dissemination of propaganda.

Facebook admits the platform is filled with garbage

Last week Buzzfeed reported on an entire cottage industry of web users in Macedonia generating fake news stories related to Trump vs Clinton in order to inject them into Facebook’s Newsfeed as a way to drive viral views and generate ad revenue from lucrative US eyeballs.

This enterprise has apparently been wildly successful for the teens involved, with some apparently managing to pull in up to $3,000 and $5,000 per month thanks to the power of Facebook’s amplification algorithm.

Source: Facebook admits it must do more to stop the spread of misinformation on its platform | TechCrunch

Facebook has become a valid threat to societal decency and function due to its use as a frictionless platform for the rapid spread of propaganda  designed to inflame the emotions. Duh. A point this blog has been making for a very long time.

Twitter really does censor posts

Yesterday, in my Twitter feed, there appeared an official warning from Twitter that a post in the feed may contain objectionable content. In order to view the post, the warning said, I had to click on a button to give permission to Twitter to display the post.

This is the post that Twitter said contained objectionable content – seriously? Bio for Vanessa Beeley.


How social media censorship threatens the flow of information #wikileaks

The rise of the Internet has expanded the ways in which information may be delivered to end users, going around potential media and government control of information.

However, as social media platforms increasingly become our gateways to the web, they are recentralizing the distributed web. As Facebook breaks 1.7 billion users worldwide, every one of those users in every country of the world are subject to a single centralized set of rules governing what is acceptable content that can be posted on Facebook’s pages. ….

One could easily imagine Facebook eventually developing guidelines that prohibit the redistribution of stolen materials, perhaps at the request of US law enforcement or certain foreign governments as a condition of operating in those nations…..  In such a world, Wikileaks would essentially cease to exist for the average person, as even news coverage of Wikileaks content would simply be filtered out of their daily news feed, making them entirely oblivious to the organization’s latest data dumps.

Source: Julian Assange’s Internet Access And How Facebook Could Be The End Of Wikileaks

As readers of this blog know, social media is a frictionless platform for propaganda messaging. But as the linked column points out, Internet users are increasingly leaving the web for social sharing platforms which are increasingly controlled (“censored”, “manipulated”, “propaganda-based”). Eventually, it may again become hard to find primary sources and to think for yourself, versus being told what to think by the “authorities” and “experts”.