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Heidi Cruz scares the Hell out of All Americans … says Trump Supporter


  • The details on the poster are somewhat true.
  • The person who created this is the  unbiased[not] publisher of Trump Magazine.
  • Uses fear, assertions, transference, and a fierce, evil looking photo to make its point.
  • But this propaganda poster has way too much detail. Few people will read all the text. If reading takes more than 5 seconds to rouse your System 1 thinking, the poster’s message is probably dead-on-arrival.

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1 in 7 Americans do not go to bed hungry every night

10994332_1683314901901725_8570222415649881675_nTL;DR Summary

  • 12002864_1683314928568389_3647226741225899605_nFalse, yet these posters are used by huge charities to raise “awareness” and funds
  • Relies on a survey that measured “Food insecurity” (not the same as hunger-see below), and leaped from 1 in 7 experienced “food insecurity” at least once in a year to the fictional claim that “1 in 7 people already go to bed hungry”. The assertion that 1 in 7 people go to bed hungry is false.
  • Canadian reporter Daniel Gardner found similar false claims made in Canada.
  • Successful as propaganda messaging due to its message simplicity, and because it has been repeated so often, it sounds plausible, even though it is not true.


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Context matters – poster from unions4workers deleted a key word to tell a lie

12552872_967885293297610_2504569832739597361_nTL;DR Summary

  • The poster conveys that James Madison believed in 1817 that business corporations are inherently evil regarding accumulation of property.
  • The person who created this poster left out one word: “in perpetuity by [ecclesiastical] corporations” which completely changes the meaning.
  • The quote is contained in a paragraph about the power of religious bodies, in a document that is entirely about “Ecclesiastical Bodies” (Churches).
  • Unions4Workers is telling an outright lie.

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Pre-propaganda – not all propaganda messaging comes with a “to do” list

11221711_467941113387769_9069897769083277186_nTL;RD Summary

  • A positive message, albeit, a “feel good” glittering generality. The message is honest .
  • The design of the poster could be better by suggesting some action to be taken but in some ways, this might be viewed as “pre-propaganda”  which is messaging that preps the target for later propaganda that calls for action.

The poster was on FB and came from  It uses the methods of “testimonial”, “appeal to authority”, “celebrity endorsement” and a “glittering generality”. The poster design is clean and simple and the message is easily understood.