0 thoughts on “CEO and founder of Facebook plans to sell $13 Billion worth of FB stock

  1. gatoraceae8

    Well if that isn’t suspect. I deactivated my fb account yesterday. Deactivate is not the same as closing. But, you probably knew that.

    1. edwardm Post author

      That is what I was thinking too. You don’t start selling off $13B unless you think you are at or near “peak social media”. Twitter’s revenue peaked 1-2 years ago, and Twitter is not profitable either. Twitter’s problem is the content is being diluted by garbage – both marketing bots and propaganda bots. Over on Instagram, I’ve noticed that most of the new followers are marketing bots, not real people. Those followers show up, like your page, then unfollow you a week or two later – because I do not follow them back.
      Social media in a big mess right now and there is no silver bullet to fix these problems.