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If you previously subscribed to posts by email, you need to re-subscribe at the new web site by clicking on the Follow link in the right most column.

If you read the web site via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or RSS newsfeed you do not need to make any changes. Most old links will either redirect or continue to point to the original content (all content was moved to the new web site but links on other web sites may point to the old content, which remains accessible).


  • FASTER page loading
  • SECURE https access prevents prying eyes from snooping on your web travels
  • AUTOMATIC CROSSPOSTS to other social media like Facebook. (I may also add Google+, Twitter and Tumblr.)
  • EASIER to type domain name – !!!!
  • EASIER updates – no more need for me to do constant software updates, debugging and maintenance.
  • MORE TIME to write posts!