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This is not even physically possible: Yahoo News fictional headline

Yahoo News goes full on stupid with this fiction news headline, which links, in turn to a news report having nothing to do with the headline. Remember, they have layers and layers of fact checkers. The fictional news just never ends, does it?

This headline has been live for at least 4+ hours without correction. Unfortunately, on today’s online and social media world, the headline is the message that sticks. Most people only read headlines, unfortunately.

This works as propaganda by using the primary method of “fear” and the secondary method of “appeal to authority” because “Study:” says something. This sort of nonsensical headline is often shared on social media – and may gradually become a “fact” as it spreads widely and for a long enough duration.

Every photo of yourself appearing on Facebook is used to create a biometric database

He posted photos of himself and friends, tagging the images with names.

But what Licata, now 34, didn’t know was that every time he was tagged, Facebook stored his digitized face in its growing database.


Facebook is working on advanced recognition technology that would put names to faces even if they are obscured and identify people by their clothing and posture. Facebook has filed patents for technology allowing Facebook to tailor ads based on users’ facial expressions.

Saving face: Facebook wants access without limits-
Social network giant lobbies to prevent state limits on facial recognition

Basically, FB is using multiple photos of you, posted by yourself or by friends, in conjunction with artificially intelligent learning algorithms, so that FB can automatically detect your presence in photos or video feeds, anywhere they have access to the media. Each time you are “tagged” in a photo by someone else (let alone tagging yourself), Facebook uses the photo to record additional biometric details about you.

FB could sell this data base as a service to retail stores, who would now have access to the Facebook dossier that they keep on each of us. FB has the technology to identify each of as we walk in public, visit events or activities, or to track us through out all of our daily activities.

Similarly, about half of all Americans now have their likeness stored in law enforcement databases (even people never charged with a crime, let alone convicted).

Facebook is a totalitarian regime. Their goal is to be able to recognize the entire population of the earth.


Posting online photos could cause you to lose property insurance

Posting updates about your holiday on social media could leave you vulnerable to being burgled – and even worse, your insurer may not pay out if your things are stolen.

Source: How ‘Insta-bragging’ could soon invalidate your insurance

Data from ADT, the alarm and security systems provider, revealed that 78pc of burglars use Facebook and Twitter to target potential properties.

This is why I post any “on vacation” photos to restricted social media only (“friends” on FB or email, only). All other photos, such as to Flickr, are posted after I have returned from the trip.

Posting online photos can have propaganda effects in that many use such photos to bolster their image among their friends or peer group.