There is no difference between professional and fake news

USA Today goes full social media fake news stupid

Based on an unverified report citing unnamed sources, USA Today publishes a story based on tweets that was already largely debunked by (FACT CHECK: Does President Trump’s White House Dress Code Mandate Dresses for Female Staffers?)

In other words USA Today took poorly sourced, probably wrong material and turned it in to a “news story” to sell eyeballs to advertisers. At the time I checked, the USA Today story had been shared 3,000+ times on social media.

Create provocative headlines based on rumors and fiction to grab the target’s emotions, encourage sharing on social media, and use that as a way to sell eyeballs to advertising: USA Today has adopted the fake news publishing model. What an embarrassment.

There is no longer any difference between professional media and fake news. The businesses are now identical.

Update – Meanwhile, Trump says any poll that goes against him is “fake news”. Therefore, we should add to our definition of “fake news” any article that is negative about Trump? I don’t think so 🙂