Oregon Governor launches social media propaganda effort

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Source: Kate Brown Oregon’s Governor | | Join our Social Action Team!

If you thought social media propaganda makes noise in your news line already – think again – social media propaganda is in its infancy. All politicians, organizations, agencies and businesses are working hard to increase their social media presence and messaging efforts.

This is not about using social media to reach the Governor’s existing supporters – this is about using social media to reach the friends of the Governor’s supporters by enlisting each of them in a quick and easy social media propaganda effort. This is a great example of the power of social media as a friction-less conduit for the distribution of propaganda messages.

Soon, most of our “news feed” may be little more than propaganda. And of course, don’t forget to “Like!”, and “Share!”

Reminder: “Propaganda” is messaging designed and intended to persuade others to adopt someone’s agenda. Propaganda is not restricted to war time or ugly political campaigns. The art of propaganda works every day to persuade you to join a cause, to buy a product, to donate money, to elect a candidate, to make a government agency look better – and so on. Social media makes it simple and easy for anyone to become a propagandist!