35% of college admissions staff check college applicants’ public social media posts

New data from Kaplan Test Prep say admissions officers do look at accounts.

Source: Colleges Really Are Looking at Your Social Media Accounts | Best Colleges | US News

And what they find can improve admission chances – or rejection. The key takeaway:

“College applicants need to be aware of what others can find about them on social networks and make sure it reflects well on them,” said Alpher. “For better or worse, social media has become an established factor in college admissions, and it’s more important than ever for applicants to make wise decisions.”

Emphasis added by me. In other words, most everyone must use social media to sell themselves – and ought to be using the tools of propaganda to do so! Elsewhere, I read that not having a social media presence, especially by young people, is viewed with concern.

Colleges, prospective employers and government agencies are all viewing social media content and using what they find to make judgements about people. Keep that in mind!

Elsewhere, the US Department of Homeland Security has said that it may soon require visitors from some countries to turn over not only their social media accounts – but also their passwords to those accounts. Customs and Border Patrol officers have also demanded access to American citizen’s electronic devices for accessing their private email and social media posts, Internet browsing history, text messages and contacts.