The purpose of fake news is to sell stuff

After Trump calls Buzzfeed a “failing pile of garbage” regarding their distribution of a  discredited intelligence report, Buzzfeed responds by selling t-shirts saying “Failing pile of garbage”.

Source: BuzzFeed Now Selling Merchandise Emblazoned With Trump Insult – Christine Rousselle

The definition of a fake news web site is, basically, selling garbage content for profit.

“If the standard for traditional journalism was to ask, “Is this verified?,” the standard for new digital publications like Buzzfeed is to ask, “Is this clickworthy?” The answer to that second question for everything Buzzfeed produces is, “Yass!””

Fake news is almost always about the profit opportunity. Long ago, this blog documented the production of social media propaganda posters for the purpose of selling eyeballs to advertisers. 2016 saw an explosive growth of online, for profit, social media-based fake news services. We noted all media is data mining their web site clicks to determine how to obtain more revenue opportunities. In announcing recent layoffs, the Seattle Times implies this is their business model for the future.

Buzzfeed has redefined the social media based fake new business model.