Due to loss of ad revenue, newspapers adopting “fake news” methods

The state’s largest newsroom, facing falling ad revenue, will be reduced by almost two dozen positions, even as it plans to restructure how it publishes in print and online.
….There will be more emphasis on posting content earlier and more often, fewer layers of editing, and changes in what gets covered, he wrote.
….the website also will “need to do shorter posts and aggregate interesting content from other sources” to respond better to what readers want, he wrote.

Source: Seattle Times to cut newsroom jobs

Watching the financial success of social media-based, online, for profit publishing, the traditional media is adopting the methodologies demonstrated by fake news publishers. The Washington Post chose this path recently, leading to errors – “posting content earlier and more often, fewer layers of editing”. My local paper added a “Featured” item in the middle of their web page with stories that seem designed to generate thousands of reader comments. Others (like the foxnews.com website) added a mid-page group of photos, typically of celebrities, to generate clicks.

Data mining story clicks to determine what readers want and “posting content earlier” without adequate fact checking will lead to more fake news stories from the traditional press. “Aggregate interesting content from other sources” means more links to “trending topics” that are already generating clicks.

Watch them aggressively embrace sharing of their stories on social media, with emotionally laden, share-able headlines. You won’t believe what happened to this actress, says this billionaire financial advisor!

They are simply watching what business models work in online, for profit publishing. Tabloids and fake news are what consumers seem to be buying and all they can do is chase that customer.

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