Publisher and best selling author disconnects from social media

I marked the day after the election by doing the following: I deleted Twitter from my phone. I deleted Facebook from my phone. I deleted the Google News app from my phone. I figured out how to remove Apple News from Siri. I removed CNN from my nightly scan of the television channels.

Source: Want to Really Make America Great Again? Stop Reading the News.

We are drowning in a world of poorly executed journalism and manipulative propaganda amplified by social media. The solution, this author suggests, is to begin disconnecting from the constant stream of noise.

The author concludes his opinion column with:

“There is plenty to do in this world, and plenty to be vigilant about. But let’s stop pretending that the ticker-tape of the news feed is anything other than what it is: addiction and manipulation masquerading as a social good. Then we wonder why we’re sapped of reason and willpower and perspective.”