“How Much Is Facebook to Blame?”

They’ve written dozens of stories about the proliferating number of anonymous, low-rent websites that publish bombastic and clearly inaccurate stories designed to spread throughout Facebook’s platform as quickly as possible. Because so many of those stories were so heavily slanted toward the Republican nominee, some of those very same journalists are now beginning to blame Facebook, rather than actual voters, for yesterday’s earth-shaking election of Donald Trump.

Source: How Much Is Facebook to Blame?

First, note the title “Blame?” rather than “How Much did Facebook influence the election?” Talk about bias.

The for-profit, social media-based propaganda focused publishing business crosses the entire political spectrum. Their goal is to get you emotionally riled up, to share their posts, to generate click throughs back to their ad-supported web sites. Right and left for profit publishers both use this business model.

Apparently this “journalist” has never seen Occupy Democrats, Occupy Wall Street, or The Other 98%?

Occupy Democrats has 4 1/4 million page likes, meaning 4 1/4 million voluntarily subscribe to their propaganda feed, and then like and share. The Other 98% has over 3 million page “Likes”. Occupy Wall Street has over 800,000 “Likes”. These too are for profit social media-based publishing businesses that use emotional targeting to generate ad views.

Read the reporter’s commentary again: “...some of those very same journalists are now beginning to blame Facebook, rather than actual voters…“.

Stunning. In a democracy, voters are never wrong. The candidate(s) or party(s) that lost were selling the wrong product. Journalists are blaming the voters…. the very essence of haughty arrogance as recent events have proven how out of touch journalists have become.

(Full disclosure: For the record, I did not vote for Trump.)