“Click Bait” “fake news” operation employs 11 writers

These fake news sites are apparently more profitable than “real news” web sites.

One of the websites that ended up on a widely-shared list of “fake news” purveyors is run out of a house in Seattle.

Source: Seattle’s own ‘click-bait’ news site serves up red meat for liberals

And employs 11 writers and makes tons of money.

As we have been saying, for profit, social media-based, emotionally laden publishing has been around a long time and crosses the full political spectrum from left to right. The media only discovered this business model last week it seems. Many, such as the Oregonian here in Portland, seem to be emulating the business model with absurd “click bait” headlines every day now.

Last week, their focus was “alt right” fake news, but they are discovering the problem includes huge “alt left” publishing operations too. Thanks to a combination of free markets in fake news and incredibly gullible people who voluntarily sign up to receive this garbage every day in their social media feeds, our future may be fake but at least we will all be outraged.

Worse, as summarized here, many “professional news” organizations also have quite a history of producing fake news reports.

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