Bizarre attempts at social media propaganda regarding #Wikileaks

This is bizarre on many levels:


The files are read as HTML (text) files via the web site, which does not present a way to deliver malware to your computer. The first document release contained about 2,000 text files, making the “33,000 viruses” claim silly.

This social media propaganda message might have been posted in attempt to discourage you from reading the Wikileaks documents for your self, or it could have been posted by someone that wants you to think people discouraging the reading of Wikileaks documents are not very bright.

In a related vein, is this comment from CNN’s Chris Cuomo, a licensed attorney, who says it is illegal for people to read the Wikileaks documents but acceptable for the media to do so, and that we should rely on the media to read the documents and listen to the media’s analysis only. This is a “jaw drop” and “face palm” moment:

Cuomo appears to be saying that it is illegal for you to think for yourself. Instead, outsource your thinking to the respected experts at CNN. What ever you do, do not think for yourself – leave thinking to the professionals, to the elite who are much smarter than you.

Is it Legal to Read Wikileaks Documents?

Here is what the experts say (I know nothing of the law and am only linking to other’s comments, which I believe is still legal in the United States, but I might be wrong.)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says that someone who has no secrecy obligations to an employer has a First amendment right to read anything they want.

The U.S. government did tell U.S. government employees that reading Wikileaks documents that are in the public domain is illegal if the documents are still classified. Some government employees have restrictions against accessing classified information even when the information is in the public domain. The government said it would prosecute children, parents and relatives of government workers if children or extended family members read publicly available classified documents.

There are additional comments that the U.S. government suggested college students who post commentary on social media, indicating they had read Wikileaks documents, might not be permitted to hold government jobs, per a 2010 report.

The U.S. government has never successfully prosecuted a journalist for publishing formerly secret documents.

The main threat to reading Wikileaks document is that the NSA records the IP addresses of everyone who visits the web site (says EFF).

Cuomo has backpedaled on his legal advice, using Twitter (but not CNN):


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