Beware of fake documents on social media purporting to be from Wikileaks

Beware of fake documents widely distributed on social media, and purportedly coming from Wikileaks.

Wikileaks IS distributing thousands of documents that are very likely authentic. However, others are using the publicity of the Wikileaks documents to spread their own versions that are likely fake.

For example, the document image below is being widely circulated on social media and claims to be from Wikileaks. However, a search of the Wikileaks database shows this does not exist at Wikileaks. The official Wikileaks Twitter account issued a statement saying this is not one of their documents. Yet this image of a partial document has been widely attributed to Wikileaks and even picked up by “main stream media” reports. However, for reasons explained below, this document is almost certainly a parody or outright hoax.

Here is the image (click on image for slightly larger version):

cuna2iqwcaqjhhtThe bottom of this post has two paragraphs suggesting that Clinton says Bernie Sanders’ supporters are “low social capital individuals” and are a “bucket of losers”. Initially this seems “plausible” – until you read the full document from which this quote comes.

A copy of the full document from which this comes is buried on ScribD. The full document goes on to talk about “millennial-narcissists, and white-male-feminines“:

“Such as the sub-culture self-described as ((Makes air-quotes)) bronies. Male Millennials who are fans of the young girl’s cartoon My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, devoting social energy and capital to viewing, discussing, and dressing up as the non-human characters.”

The alleged transcript continues on and degenerates further. This appears to be an intentional parody of a Clinton speech to Goldman Sachs. Therefore, the claim that Clinton called Sanders’ supporters a “bucket of losers” is almost certainly false.

For example,

What groups are in this-these-buckets of losers?

Who are we dealing with?

H.Clinton There are three groups in the bucket. Firstly, the NEETs. These are people without social,economic, or intellectual capital. They are often possessed with both a very poor self-image and, paradoxically, a high degree of entitlement. They have nurtured a victim-mentality

S. Smith Well they have been victimized

H. Clinton =No.>Notin traditional manner<. NEETs are societies’ drop-outs and they are largely responsible for their own conditions. We should not be especially sympathetic to their plight. They are usually angry, often involuntarily celibate, and yet believe themselves to be the future of our nation.

H. Clinton Next are the Millennial-Narcissists.These are children of privilege such as Occupy Wall Street. Almost entirely white save for some highly-valued token minorities, they are insulated from the impact of a 3rd party vote due to their Caucasian-Male privilege. In other words, they can afford to vote for disruption because their parents paid for the iPhones.

Seriously? This reads like a parody. This document does not appear in the Wikileaks database and its original source is unknown. All clues that this is not what it appears to be.

From a propaganda perspective, this item works well. First, it has some context that sounds like a speech given to a financial sector organization. Indeed, parts of the text were likely taken from actual transcripts to add authenticity.

Second, the item posted as an image only, carefully includes only the prologue text which seems potentially genuine, and then tacks on one paragraph. But this has selectively quoted from the broader text. When we examine the full text, the silliness of this item becomes obvious.

Third, this social media meme works in conjunction with confirmation bias, the subject of the post appearing just before this one, below.

Text for search indexing

This coalition, a collection of generally under-represented, low social capital individuals has become increasingly networked and increasingly motivated. This group that our analysts are calling the ((Makes air quotes)) bucket of losers, could not only be a significant force in the next election but (.) could, on an outside percentile, even win.

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