“Massive Rally AGAINST Islam in France”? No.


TL; DR Summary

  • The assertion that this is a rally against Islam in France is false.
  • Social media passes along this photo and text description: “Massive Rally AGAINST Islam in France: Di you hear about this MASSIVE rally in France? You probably didn’t because it’s exactly what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see. A far-right rally has been held in Paris with hundreds of young people taking to the streets…
  • The photo was stolen from a BBC news article about a rally standing up for the victims of terror attacks in the offices of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, in France. The rally was NOT a “massive rally against Islam in France”.
  • This technique, of writing an incorrect description for a photo of an event (sometimes a photo of an event having nothing to do with any of the description) is common in social media propaganda. Or simply stealing a photo of an event in the past and pretending it has something to do with current events – we busted an example of this just a week or so ago.