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Former Facebook staff suggest Facebook used own platform for propaganda

Ninety percent of the team identified as liberal, including the copy editors, who essentially had the final approval on topics. If a source came up that may have been less credible to a liberal reviewer — like Breitbart or another publication like that — it would require more extensive secondary sourcing. However, if there was an article that came from a more liberal-slanted publication, it was essentially given less critique and was a more viable topic from the get-go.

Source: Confessions of an ex-Facebook trending news curator: ‘They are just going to get rid of the product altogether’ – Digiday

May 2016 report suggested that Facebook’s trending news section was “curated” to censor certain viewpoints.

As this blog notes, many people use FB for the purpose of disseminating propaganda, usually related to government political and policy issues.

Several groups discovered they can use social media platforms to disseminate propaganda posters that elicit quick emotional responses – which are widely shared. Many encourage a click through – to a separate web site that runs ads, turning propaganda into a profitable business activity.

Some speech is more equal than others

“Throughout the document, OSJI’s position appears to be that private actors on the internet must be brought under international control in order to prevent them from suppressing each other’s freedom of expression and speech.”


Open Society Justice Initiative Proposed 2014 Strategy/DCLeaks

Source: Leaked Soros Document Calls For Regulating Internet To Favor ‘Open Society’ Supporters Via @dailycaller

Propaganda is all about influencing – or controlling – the media. This blog has shown how social media has become a frictionless conduit for the dissemination of propaganda.

George Soros’ organization proposes controlling those who publish on the Internet – in order to protect free speech. Which seems to be saying that all speech is equal and free but some speech is more equal and free than other speech.

Social media poster that is true

14079843_1023772804396420_1113887353355804998_nTL; DR Summary

  • Social media propaganda poster says “Never forget the fact Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1938. Moral of the Story: Mainstream media is not always reliable.
  • Surprisingly, Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1938, as documented by
  • This poster is effective because of its simplicity. Simple messaging is always most effective as compared to lengthy, detailed or difficult to comprehend messages.

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