Once again: “Why is the media ignoring ‘this’?”


This is a fun “meme” to getting targets emotionally riled up so they will share this false claim others. I wrote about this propaganda method not long ago. Some one did a similar “the media are ignoring this!” about an alleged protest in Poland.

“They” are keeping this secret! Why are people ignoring “this”? It “must be a conspiracy!” Share if you agree!

It’s the same as the news web sites that create click bait titles like “Girl opens door and you won’t believe what happens next!”  The “they are ignoring this” meme is just click-bait for more shares and likes.

Actually, “this” was reported on locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!

The “silent media” that reported on this included the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Times, KCRA TV, KGO TV, NBC Bay Area, The Guardian (U.K.), Breitbart News, KTVU-TV, The San Francisco Chronicle, Fresno TV (KSEE, KGPE), KFSN-TV, Capital Public Radio News,, FOX40 TV News, ABC10,  and many, many, more. This took just seconds to look up using news.google.com

The use of the easily disproved “The media is ignoring ‘this'” meme is just stupid. It makes the proponent and the cause being promoted both look dishonest.

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Media silent as Bernie Sanders packs California Stadium Beyond Capacity.

The hashtag #BernieInSacramento quickly exploded onto the top trends on Twitter, and yet the mainstream media has once again chose to ignore it.