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The firestorm over “transgender” bathroom access

The past few weeks have been a media fire storm over “transgender rights” and access to public and privately owned bathroom facilities labeled “Women” or “Girls” or “Men” or “Boys”.

But there is a bigger issue to address in terms of our locker room style, gender specific bathrooms. Parents with young children, and anyone assisting a disabled person  encounter the problem of gender specific bathrooms all the time.

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Panama Free Trade Agreement propaganda video is accurate and effective

SandersPanamaTL;DR Summary

  • In 2011, Bernie Sanders spoke forcefully against a free trade agreement with Panama because Panama operates as a tax haven with secret bank accounts.
  • True-Sanders did speak forcefully against the PFTA.
  • True-Panama does have low corporate tax rates, tax havens and banking secrecy.
  • This is an effective propaganda poster (video) because it is topical, makes good use of facts (not false assertions or logical fallacies), and is conveyed simply and directly. It is also unusual for a propaganda message like this to contain what is effectively data, rather than pure emotional content, although the end result is similar in terms of the target being emotionally jolted to take action.
  • The poster is also effective because of timeliness immediately after widely publicized news reports about tax havens based in Panama. In a way, the news reports could be viewed as “pre-propaganda” which is messaging that prepares a target for propaganda directing one to take action. A conspiracy theorist might say the news reports were pre-propaganda timed to assist the Sanders campaign by reinforcing his policy perspectives.

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