Clinton did not admit to taking a bribe from Bush to fund Iraq War

BushClintonIraqTL;DR Summary

  • Hillary Clinton is accused of admitting to taking a political bribe from President Bush.
  • It’s framed as a question to raise suspicion, without having to be true.
  • Snopes says the claim is FALSE.
  • This was shared into my FB and Twitter feeds today.
  • This works as propaganda merely because it fits the narrative the target wants to believe is true, so it is quickly Liked and Shared. It successfully raises doubts about Clinton and transfers dislike for Bush on to Clinton, even though Snopes shows the claim is not true.

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Bush said to Hillary (a New York Senator at the time) “I will give you $20 billion for 9/11 if you will vote for the Iraq war?” Why didn’t she reply “15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis – Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11! Zero! Nada! Zilch!”

Did Hillary Clinton just admit on LIVE TV That Her Iraq War Vote was a Bribe (VIDEO)

During tonight’s Democratic town hall on MSNBC, Hillary Clinton surprisingly defended her vote for the Iraq War as a favor for President Bush.